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Instructor Guidelines

Lecture Video

  • Do not use all caps for a word for emphasis, either italicize it or underline it
  • Use spacing between bullets.
  • Keep the text windows for your bullets or information emphasized between the blue banners at the top.

  • You can name them “section title - topic” on each respective page of each PowerPoint slide or just the topic the slide is referencing or covering.
  • Do not change the banner or logo placement.
  • Never cover the KWT logo or the website URL underneath it.
  • Always wear the KWT logo polo shirt with a black undershirt.
  • Always display the KWT logo in the videos when you will be doing webcam video in your recording.
  • If a large paragraph is used on a single slide, break it up into different bullets for each varying point made.
  • Try to make contact with the camera as much as possible without bobbing your head or looking up as if the point you’re trying to make is on the ceiling.
  • It is perfectly normal for a 10 minute video to have 5 minutes of mistakes, don’t let it discourage you as you are trying to speak the idea as best as possible, and there is no limit to what can be edited out.
  • Ensure that when you begin and finish each sentence or slide that you are looking at your webcam as it will make the editing out of mistake easier to cut out and more seamless.
  • Use size 36, Calibri (Body) for the font, centered within the blue banner section, not centered in the whole banner. Use between 16 to 24 font size for the body text.

Demonstration Videos 

  • Use font size 18 if using putty, or a large font so it is easily viewable on a mobile device.
  • If you do a hybrid module that is both video and demonstration in one, then the rules of both apply to the respective module.
  • You can redo the parts of the video as many times as necessary as long as each start and end of the instruction can be edited without looking too much different. Some difference is acceptable.
  • Use the picture of the icon you will use to access the respective program within the slide after the intro to the module slide. This will be linked to the program that when the demonstration is being done, the icon will open up the program without the need to minimize the PowerPoint presentation to access the desktop below it, but is not necessary as the movement of the app window can be edited out.

Both Video Types

  • Introduce each module with “Welcome to <video series name>, section #, and module title. Then describe what the module will cover.
  • When recording, if you make a mistake, or want to repeat a sentence, word, or entire slide, say “edit word”, “edit sentence”, or “edit slide”, that way if you or another editor is editing your module, they will know what to take out. It is ok to repeat the necessary information over as many times as necessary or take long pauses to look something up as that can be edited out.
  • Do not put the module number if part of a series of modules for a certain topic/certification series as the order you decide the finalize the videos in may change, and this will change the video wording, and will need to be redone or edited out.
  • Ensure that you speak professionally, and without swearing or making inappropriate jokes (If you need to think on whether or not your joke is inappropriate, then it probably shouldn’t be made).
  • Keep the videos to 20 minutes if possible (it is ok in the series to have a couple 25 - 30 minute videos), and if possible split a long video into smaller part videos (part 1, part 2, part 3, etc.).
  • Speak loud so your voice is heard, and slowly so you are well understood.
  • Ensure that no background noise back be heard while recording, it will detract away from the point you are trying to make.

  • The intro slide of each module can be two lines as long as it looks as it does above and doesn’t get covered by the gray columns, but this banner may also be extended as necessary.
  • Ensure that you use your own custom pictures on your intro that is the same on every intro slide of every module created and the pictures used are not copyright protected.
  • Try to add a fade feature to dull the sharpness around the edges of the photos.
  • Ensure that the photos used are not copyrighting covered.


Note: If you have any efficiency improvements on how to produce slides, please email me and you will be provided with an agreed percentage from KWT on what you receive in profit from your videos. The percentage depends on how significant the improvement is, and if it is used. The amount is solely up to KWT to decide, but will be a fair amount.

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