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Benefits to being an Instructor

-Create certification or topic courses that exceeds the competition's quality and content amount.  

-Build up your industry reputation as your videos become more watched by your peers.  

-Share your expertise, and make money doing it. We are very competitive on how much we pay for royalty/video completion.  

-Want to share your wisdom and knowledge while making money at the same time?   

-We ensure that your videos will be unique and not overlap with other instructor's completed videos.  

-We appreciate your hard work, and won't devalue your videos by selling them for an extremely low price as long as they're up to date.  

-We have streamlined the process so it's easy to create videos, allowing you to focus more on the content then the production.  

-We offer referral bonuses if you refer us an instructor that we agree to produce videos with.


We would like you to tell us a little about yourself. Please provide the following information, and we will contact you with instructions on how to produce a video describing yourself:

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