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Business Services

  • KWT provides multi-faceted, state of the art, technical training that allows either an individual to pursue his/her professional goals, or a team of professionals to better impact the dynamic, ever changing technology world they work in. It’s imperative for today’s technology professional to continue to study, learn and practice real networking fundamentals. Let KWT assist in that effort!

  • Our certification video series are built to provide not only the necessary knowledge and tools to pass the desired exam, but to go beyond certification requirements with our bonus videos that add value to the video series and your engineer's value to the team.

  • Every video have a comments section below the video where students can collaborate with each other as well as the instructor to gain further insight into the relative topic of the videos.

  • The 20 minute (or less) video-on- demand learning structure allows for the most concise, effective, and useful method for you or your team to learn.

  • As a veteran owned, and military supporting company, we provide dedicated access to our videos and instructors by giving military personnel priority access to instructors and responses to issues that may arise.

  • Although our videos are not a live class format, upon request, we can schedule a week that is conducive for all parties to give your employees dedicated access to the instructor throughout the week to answer any questions about the material they may have, which will provide a "live" feeling to the class.

Please email us at business@kwt.us for a price quote.

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